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BeachBox Bundles Packs

WE want to introduce you to the BEACHBOX as a way to bundle and save when purchasing all of your cool WE THE BEACH Gear! We want to make it easy and fun for you to get "Everything you need for the Beach delivered to your door in a Box! "
Maybe you want to buy a hat and a cool shirt to go along with it but maybe we can convince you to also buy a Hoodie and a pair of BXRZ (Boxerz board short) and save some cash! So here is how you do It!  Click on a BEACHBOX 1 2 3 or 4 depending on how many products you want and receive 20 % off the advertised online price  and if that order (before dicount) is over $75, BONUS you get free shipping anywhere in Ontario and $15 flat fee across Canada or $20 flat fee in the U.S.A!  So BEACHBOX 1 choose any 3 products or BEACHBOX 2 any 4 products, BEACHBOX 3 any 5 products For a BeachBox 4 any 6 products or more  and  also get a free Hat or Tshirt on us! Just click on yes give me a free hat, toque, Beanie or Tshirt! Make sure we have your size and if you are a Beach guy or Girl! Thanks for ordering your BEACHBOX and we will throw in some stickers too! We look forward to your purchase and you looking super cool in your WE THE BEACH Gear!  Want to give some gear to your Beach Buddy but don't know what to give? Check out our super great gift Certificates and click Here