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Face Masks and Head Bands

These are certainly trying times for all of us and we appreciate the dedication and hard work everyone is putting into flattening the curve by physical distancing and WE say a BIG thanks!

About a month ago We started making Headbandz with buttons to give to the ER and the ICU at the St Catharines General Hospital. We donated about 150 and also sold some for $7 to nurses and doctors above that and have made over 400 so far. Saving some ears and brightening up some super heroes days and providing some paying work for a local small company to make them right here in Niagara.was our goal! These were our goals but the story doesn't end there! 3 years ago I met this great couple Juan and Diana originally from Colombia and now Canadian Citizens and they have 2 wonderful kids and 20 years in Canada now! Juan had a jean company in Colombia employing 200 people and Diana was a well know designer but their story ended up being a story of survival.The Guerrillas were threatening Juan for extortion tax monies and when he refused to pay any more his 3 brothers were killed and he and Diana fled to the U.S. with the clothes on their backs, but still alive! They waited until they could enter into Canada under refugee status as Canada was where they wanted to be! 20 Years later here they are with their little sewing shop D&J Designs. As I mentioned I met them 3 years ago when I needed someone to sew our patches on our hats and Juan loved the idea. 2 Years ago we put Diana's designing talents to the test and started making women's spandex shorts and they were a huge success. Fast forward to a month ago I asked them if we could make Headbandz with buttons on them to save some ears from the elastic bands for nurses and doctors at the local hospital! With the big hearts they have they sprung into action! Now Diana has designed a face mask using the same materials with some bright colours! We are proud to be Designing and making them here in Canada and more specifically Niagara! So join us on our journey and help spread the word and not the virus and buy a Facemask or headband or event donate if you want and we will make some for those Super Hero Nurses and Doctors! I can assure you that you will be putting some smiles on some peoples faces, keeping germs from being spread and with your purchases you will be keeping some jobs and local businesses going! Think globally and buy locally and together we can save the world! The face masks are durable, reusable, washable, bright and comfortable and made with Love! The Headbands are from the same great material and also are washable, durable ,comfortable and made with that same great love and they save some ears along the way! Purchase online or email us at for curbside pick up or pricing for 5 or more! The facemasks and Headbandz are also brandable with your logo or company brand for your staff or customers. This is a great way to advertise you care and its inexpensive and done well by another local small company! From all of us we thank you for your support and We are all in this together! Courage Is My word is it yours? THANKS!


The headbandz and facemasks are washable, reusable, durable, comfortable, form fitting and made from top grade materials. Save the plant by purchasing great reusable products and save the medical grade masks for the health care and front line heroes! Wouldn't you rather have a bright and cheery facemask anyway?


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